The course API is used to report passed education and courses for a seafarer that is relevant when applying for a Certificate issued by the Norwegian Maritime Authorithy (NMA). Educational institutions and course centers must be approved by NMA to report on this API.

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Educational and course codes

Two types of codes are accepted in the field code in the payload for data transfer; educational code and course code. A list of both the educational- and course codes can be obtained by using the API operation List valid course and education codes, this list will always be updated with newest version.

As an educational institution or a course center, you can only report courses and educations that you are approved by NMA to deliever.

Available functionality

List valid course and education codes

GET operation to obtain the complete list of bot course and education codes listed in table 2 and 3. This list will always contain the newest version.

Create passed course participants

POST operation to register a new course or education participants. The course and educational codes in Table 2 and 3 must be used.

List passed course participants

GET operation to obtain an already reported education or course participants.

Retrieve a passed course participant

GET operation to obtain acourse participants.