Seagoing Service

Seagoing service is the period a seafarer has signed on board a ship and is used as the basis for issuance of certificates. As a shipowner the Seagoing API is used to register seagoing service on a specific seafarer or several seafarers. Seagoing service is accepted when the sender is a ship owner, or an appointed representative i.e Master and Chief Engineer.

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Occupation codes

The Norwegian Maritime Authorithy has decided a set of acceptable occupations when reporting seagoing service time. These occupations are the same as used in the “A-melding”, namely the STYRK codes. The acceptable STYRK codes are listed in Table 1.

All codes can also be obtained using the API operation List reference occupation codes, this list will always be updated. If the seafarer has worked in an occupation not listed in Table 1, a list of corresponding occupations can be found by using the API operation List reference occupation code mappings. For example the occupation “Platform chief” can be reported as “skipsfører”.

Table 1 - List of acceptable occupation codes

CategorySTYRK titleSTYRK code
Lett matros8341106
Matros lærling8341108
Offiseraspirant dekk3142110
Smører (skip)8342102
Motormann lærling8342113
Offiseraspirant (maskin)3141106
ElektrikerSkipeselektriker (offiser)3113149
Skipselektriker (lærling)7241161
Radiooperatør (skip)3132108

Available functionality

Create multiple seagoing services

POST operation to add a new seagoing service report on one seafarer.

Retrieve seagoing service

GET operation to obtain a seagoing service by the uid.

List seagoing services

GET operation to obtain seagoing services.

List reference occupation codes

GET operation to obtain a list of the acceptable occupations codes. This list will always be updated with the correct set of codes.

List reference occupation code mappings

GET operation to obtain an overview of occupation codes in the maritime sector related to the set of acceptable codes defined in Table 1.